The best GOTS-certified clothing brands

The best GOTS-certified clothing brands

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Maybe you think we’ve written a lot about organic cotton already. Or maybe not.

But this environmentally friendly fabric is what we, at POMP, specialise in after all. And it’s important to learn more about the topic if we’re collectively supposed to make the fashion industry more sustainable.

Thankfully we’re not alone in our mission. Hence this post, introducing some lesser-known heroes that fuse style with sustainability to help you make wiser decisions. And what do we all have in common? The use of GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Because it’s not worth much if we can’t back up our words with data. And in this case, a certification.


Product/s: organic cotton clothing basics
Price range: £
Other certifications: OEKO-TEX Standard 100, SA8000
Delivery: Worldwide (mostly)

First up, POMP. Yes, we’re talking about ourselves. But we promise it’s not about inflated egos, but rather, pride in knowing we’re giving you the option of something significantly better for the environment.

We offer organic cotton clothing that’s great for your everyday wardrobe, at an affordable price. Each one of our products is made using 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. And we’ve got a Recycled Range to boot! But that’s only part of the process. With circularity in mind, we’ve set up a program so that you can send back your old POMP clothes for recycling. Just scan the QR code on the care label for instructions.

The recently launched oversized sweatshirt - made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton

Lucy & Yak

Product/s: organic and recycled clothing
Price range: ££
Other certifications: GRS, LENZING™ ECOVERO™
Delivery: Worldwide

This is another UK-based brand for you. Lucy & Yak, famous for its dungarees, takes its name from co-founder Lucy Greenwood, and her van, Yak. Yes, her van. We won’t get into the full story, but it’s one that shows an early consciousness of better fashion. 

Apart from GOTS-certified organic cotton, they design eye-popping pieces with other materials that are natural and just as eco-friendly (don’t worry, they’ve got the certifications to support the claims). Instead of joining the Black Friday mayhem, the brand always uses the occasion to show even more support to the Fior Di Loto India Foundation.

And, they have a buyback scheme that extends Lucy & Yak items’ lifespan for as long as possible and rewards customers for their good deeds.


Product/s: organic cotton clothing, home linens
Price range: ££
Other certifications: SimpliZero, Fair Trade Certified
Delivery: Worldwide

Organic cotton clothing that’s sustainably and ethically made. That’s what this American brand is all about, and like us, they’re working with only one material. Styles are simple, but colours are varied, giving them versatility. And in addition to basics, they also offer a range of sleepwear and underwear.

Seeing as sustainability is so important to them, we’re glad to see that they gave up plastic packaging in place for Vela’s FSC-certified paper bags. And of course, they’ve got their own solution to address circularity: the GiveBackBox. Folk are invited to re-use the shipping box and send in all kinds of preworn items, which are given to partner charities that need donations the most.


Product/s: sustainable outdoor clothing and gear
Price range: £££
Other certifications: Green Shape, Green Button
Delivery: Select EU countries and Canada

When you think of sustainability and outdoor brands, there’s normally one name that’s top-of-mind compared to the rest. But, we like to think others have also been inspired to follow the same earth-loving, people-conscious path.

Vaude is an outdoor apparel and equipment company from Germany, and it’s just won the country’s top sustainability award for the textile industry. Their products are made from organic or recycled materials. And of course, GOTS-certified organic cotton is included in that mix. Vaude is also a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and has been fully climate-neutral since 2022.


Product/s: sustainable clothing, fashion accessories, and homeware
Price range: £££
Other certifications: N/A
Delivery: Select EU countries

This Dutch label is all about comfort, ethics, and sustainability. They work with different materials, but their one natural and certified fabric of choice is GOTS-certified organic cotton. They’ve chosen to keep most (95% to be exact) of their production in Europe, which probably helps to explain their higher price tags. So be wary. But it also means they can play a bigger role in their relationship with suppliers, ensuring quality as well as transparency. In fact, here’s a breakdown of the progress they’ve made so far.

And just like Lucy & Yak, they have a buyback scheme “10DAYS FOR GOOD”  to support circularity in fashion. Sadly, it’s only available to residents of Amsterdam. For now.


Product/s: ethical clothing and fashion accessories
Price range: £££
Other certifications: N/A
Delivery: Worldwide

You’re not mistaken to think there might be a connection between Komodo and the home country of its reptilian namesake. But it’s a long journey that started in the late 1980s. Long enough, that they like to call themselves “The Original Ethical Brand Since ‘88’.

All their fabrics are chosen with sustainability in mind. While we sometimes doubt the long-term benefits of recycled PET, which is still preferred to its virgin counterpart, the rest are indeed natural. GOTS certified-organic cotton included. To add to the honesty, they also share their supplier best practices with the rest of us.

For a brand that produces in the Far East, their clothes don’t come cheap. But we guess they really are walking the talk, paying fair and equitable prices to those throughout their supply chain. Kudos.

Beaumont Organic

Product/s: conscious luxury clothing and fashion accessories
Price range: £££
Other certifications: N/A
Delivery: Select countries worldwide

GOTS-certified organic cotton is at the heart of Beaumont Organic, which creates sustainably-conscious clothing and fashion accessories for women. If you’re looking for a brand that offers fabric variety, this is one to consider. You’ll find other pieces made from linen, Tencel, and non-mulesed wool (where sheep aren’t hurt for their fleece).

They also offer repair and resale services to reduce the waste resulting from the fashion industry. At the moment, both are reserved for those living in the UK. 

Also worth noting, Beaumont Organic doesn’t shy away from being identified as luxury though. Perhaps not the most wallet-friendly to all.

Q for Quinn

Product/s: organic socks and underwear
Price range: £-££
Other certifications: OEKO-TEX Standard 100
Delivery: Select countries worldwide

If it’s not GOTS-certified organic cotton, it’s responsibly sourced merino wool or biodegradable, un-dyed European linen. These are the only fabrics you’ll find at Q for Quinn, a Canadian brand that sells socks and underwear, for adults and kids, that are good for people and the planet. Why? Because the founder’s son suffered from eczema when she couldn’t find him a pair of socks that were free of harmful substances. 

Although their products are small in size, they’re large in impact. For every pair of socks someone purchases, Q for Quinn donates a school meal to children who suffer from hunger and poverty.


Product/s: organic cotton undergarments for women
Price range: £-££
Other certifications: OEKO-TEX Standard 100, OCS
Delivery: Worldwide

Woron is all about empowering femininity while encouraging a love for Mother Earth. They make plant-based cruelty-free bras and underwear, with the hope that the first thing women put on is the last they’ll want to take off.

Aside from organic cotton, products are also made from LENZING™ Modal fibres, which come from beech wood, or ECONYL® regenerated nylon. Woron also pays a great deal of attention to the factories they work with, how they’re run and if they’re abiding by the standards and certifications they signed up for. Everything’s located in Europe, lowering emissions since they’re closer to the brand’s home base of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Toby Tiger

Product/s: organic kids and baby clothing
Price range: £
Other certifications: Soil Association
Delivery: UK and select EU countries

We don’t spotlight children's brands very often, but seeing as they are our future, they’re every bit as important. Their skin is more sensitive than that of grown-ups anyway.  So why not give them a gentler option - to synthetic-derived items - and instil some good values while they’re young?

Toby Tiger is a British company that makes fun organic clothing for your little ones, from newborns to eight-year-olds. Organic cotton is softer, safer, and lasts longer. And being GOTS-certified, parents can rest assured that they’re supporting products that contribute to worker welfare and energy conservation.

The best part of all? The affordability. Remember, children outgrow their clothes after 6 months.

And there you have it. Some of the best GOTS-certified organic cotton clothing brands from all over.

Sourcing sustainable clothing can be tricky for brands looking to make an impact, especially when you want to provide customers with variety. This means that brands have to constantly review and improve their sustainability credentials over time. You can be sure that these brands are significantly better than the average, mass-produced, fast fashion alternative.

Go through our blog archives, if you’d like to read more on organic cotton or certifications. But if you’re ready to browse our collections, visit the shop here.

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