How to Find the Best Joggers for Winter & Cold

How to Find the Best Joggers for Winter & Cold

And just like that, summer is over. As per usual, the warmer days have zipped past our heads in the blink of an eye. But the time to bundle up, get cosy, listen to the sounds of rain, and sip a hot chocolate is here. We stan.


Joggers, or sweatpants, are one of the cosiest clothing choices for a cold evening at home or at a friend’s place. We can also style them up or down - the best part. And no, they don’t have to make you look like you just grumpily got out of bed. They can also make you look like you’ve owned that streetwear ‘fit.

So let’s cut to the chase. What makes the best joggers for winter?

  • Fabric & Comfort: natural, high quality, and thick
  • Sustainability: a factor that’s now essential
  • Style: timeless and versatile, yet comfy

Fabric & Comfort

Fabric is the essential factor to look at when choosing the best garment of any kind. It determines everything, from comfort to warmth to breathability.

When it comes to joggers, 100% cotton is the go-to. That’s because cotton joggers can be luxuriously soft and comfortable. At the same time, they’re breathable and strong. And cotton is underrated for the warmth it provides in winter. The only downside is that it absorbs moisture well. So while you can wear it to work out, it’s not the best option if you sweat a lot. But it’s great on a day-to-day basis and for relaxing.


Joggers are most often made out of cotton blended with polyester. But we’re not fans of synthetic blends for comfort. Polyester is an abrasive, man-made material that can be harsh on the skin. It’s also not so breathable. For comfort, we prefer 100% cotton.

But only if it’s high quality and organic. Because conventional cotton is a crop linked to skin irritation. Oh, and organic cotton is often softer, more comfortable, and thicker than conventional cotton, due to the longer fibres. Tell us that’s not what you want for winter?!

Not all organic cotton is the same, though, so look for certifications. The most important takeaway is that if the organic cotton is from the leading certification GOTS, you can sleep well at night. Plus, it’ll guarantee that the fabric is natural and hypoallergenic.


Sustainability is a factor that’s becoming vital to buyers, more so with fashion. So here are a few tips on finding joggers that excel on the sustainability side. 

The first thing is to look for certifications and be suspicious of fluffy language like ‘conscious’. If the fabric in our joggers uses organic cotton certified by GOTS, for example, we can put our trust in the attire:

GOTS certification makes sure that:

  • Pesticides and synthetic fertilisers are strictly prohibited.
  • Wastewater treatment and chemicals are strictly monitored.
  • Child and forced labour is prohibited; workers must be treated well.

Other certifications, used in combination with GOTS, can ensure maximum sustainability, like OEKO-TEX which tests your end-product for harmful chemicals.

Certified products are also likely to be higher quality. Which is important as a sustainable pair of joggers should be designed to last. Not lobbed onto landfill shortly after being bought. And if the fabric is pure cotton, it’s far more sustainable than its plastic counterparts like the polyester we mentioned earlier on. Organic cotton is a natural, biodegradable material. No worries about microplastics.

What also contributes to joggers’ sustainability is the packaging they’ll arrive in. Plastic packaging is more than just passé. It’s done and over with. And the perfect pair of joggers should have an afterlife: can they be recycled, repaired, or upcycled? If your joggers are designed with circularity in mind then that’s even better.

Sustainable Circular Fashion Recycled Clothing POMP 


You don’t want to emerge from your house being comfortable but feeling like you look a bit on the shabby side. So this one’s important, too.

When it comes to joggers, plain and simple is usually the best choice. It’s not easy to match layers of mixed styles when it’s cold outside. So keep it simple, and you can’t go wrong. Plain, more neutral colours like black, white, grey, and beige can go with almost anything.

The best joggers will not be too tight, but not too loose, and should fit snug around the ankle. Some don’t have pockets, by the way, so beware of those joggers and be sure to avoid them. Those pockets are handy. Like keeping your hands warm, carrying everyday gadgets, or even storing snacks. 

The perfect winter joggers

Not to toot our own horn but here at POMP, we’ve designed the ideal winter joggers for men and women. Also, there’s only slight differences between the two. So if you’re non-binary, choose whichever you feel fits you best.

Best Winter Joggers & Sweatpants | What makes them & how to find them

These joggers hit the spot on the following:

  • 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, exactly what we want.
  • Also OEKO-TEX certified, to ensure the end-product is free of harmful substances.
  • Adjustable drawstrings.
  • Side pockets.
  • Heavyweight at 300 GSM, providing extra thickness for winter.
  • Comes in two basic colours, black and grey.
  • Sustainable: plastic-free packaging & can be sent back for free to be recycled.

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