How to wear an oversized jumper for women

How to wear an oversized jumper for women

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October so far has been abnormally - but not so unexpectedly - warm in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere. But with the summer season officially over, it’s time for our beach shorts and tank tops to swap places with clothing that gives us a bit more coverage - from the rain, wind, and whatever else colder weather brings.

If there’s one trend we’ll be enjoying, it's the oversized jumper. Sure it’s got that laidback look, but that’s part of the appeal. Trust us when we say that this versatile piece can carry you much further than your couch. It’s 2023, and sporting supposed “loungewear” when out and about is perfectly acceptable.

The plain truth is that the oversized jumper is casual, comfortable, and equally chic. And with the help of our pointers (yes, styling tips included), you’ll know what to pay attention to for your next purchase. 

What to look for

• Fabric quality and durability
• Simple classic design
• Sustainability

When it comes to wardrobe staples, choose wisely.

The perfect oversized jumper is designed with comfort and long-lasting quality in mind. Look for one made from premium cotton with a weight of around 300 GSM. A bit technical, we know, but it's the secret behind year-round versatility, striking the ideal balance between thickness and breathability. It keeps you cosy when the temperature drops, but it won't leave you feeling too hot when the sun comes out to play. And don’t forget, quality matters. So opt for brands that get this. A well-made oversized jumper will be your trusty companion for years, maintaining its shape and softness after myriad wears and washes.

Your next allies are simplicity and a classic design. Think of a straightforward jumper as a blank canvas, easy to adapt to any occasion. Clean lines and a minimalist approach make for a piece that will never go out of style. 

And finally, go for better-made or sustainably-made. Be on the lookout for verified certifications that back up those claims. At POMP, we proudly use 100% organic GOTS-certified cotton. Plus, our items are cruelty-free and GMO-free. Also check for other supporting initiatives, like a recycling programme or repair services.

Oversized jumpers vs. hoodies

In the UK, we say jumper. In the US, they say sweater. At the end of the day, it’s the same thing. 

What a jumper does differ from, however, are hoodies. But with lower temperatures just around the corner, both pieces might be on your mind. So we’ve broken down some of the main differences for you to understand what they are.

Oversized Jumper
A long-sleeve top with no opening. Neckline varies.
Plain, printed, or a pattern can be woven into the fabric itself.
Similar to a jumper, but it comes with a hood. A not-so-shocking difference.
Sometimes designed with an opening and/or pocket/s.
Loose and relaxed
Relaxed and fitted
Fabric type and weight can vary greatly, depending on the brand and season.
Cotton is common, but don’t be surprised to find more options made from warm fibres like wool and cashmere when it’s autumn/winter.
Normally cotton, synthetic, or a blend of the two.
Can be worn on its own or layered on top of or under other pieces.
Once thought of as “too casual”, its versatility is growing.
Normally used as outerwear.
Extra cosy.

6 ways to wear an oversized jumper for women

1. Never go wrong with denim

No matter what colour, cut, or fit you decide on, denim is a solid option. They almost always flatter the body in some way, so jeans are a great contrast to oversized jumpers. Finish the look with classic all-white sneakers or elevate with a dressy handbag and/or some jewellery.

2. Rock the sporty look

An oversized jumper is the perfect complement to curve-accentuating yoga leggings or biker shorts. In the same way that sustainability is in, so is wellness, which means regular exercise for many. But if you’re a little lacking in hand-eye coordination and sports aren’t your thing, why not just take on some errands in athleisure attire? That or your next matcha latté run.

3. Layer up

This is one you’re probably used to seeing. Who doesn’t love a good layering? It’s all about balance between a stiff collared shirt and a big boxy jumper. Take a cue from actress Emma Chamberlain.

4. Dress it up

Experiment a little and give different skirts a try. Pencil skirts, flowy midis, anything works really. It’s all about proportion, so play around with fit and length, until you find an outfit you’re happy with it. If you’re worried about looking bulky, a French tuck or belt can help. 

5. Contrast with proper trousers

If it wasn’t clear, the baggy look is actually kind of in. The hip-hop style of the 90s may work for some, but let your imagination go beyond the jumpsuits and the bling. It’s possible to make baggy a bit more bougie, with some well-tailored trousers. Throw a matching blazer on top if you want the extra cover.

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6. Wear a jumper like a dress

Take out that camera and turn some heads in a statement outfit with no bottoms at all. You may have to buy a few sizes up, but the oversized jumper can easily be transformed into a dress. The final touch? Knee- or thigh-high boots. Simple, but a bit sassy, too.

Redefining the oversized jumper was long overdue. No longer is it confined to nights at home; it’s a versatile piece appropriate for any number of occasions. And it’s proof that it’s possible to combine fashion sense and comfort. Whether it’s a brunch date with your group of girlfriends, a quick grocery run, or even a casual workplace look, there’s something to fit the bill. 

It’s just a matter of knowing how to select the best piece and how to wear it.

If you’re still browsing around, take a look at our oversized jumper for women. It’s available in four timeless neutral colours, and made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. Remember that you can send in your products once you’re done with them. We’re trying to be more sustainable after all.

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