Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas for 2024

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas for 2024

If you’re searching for sustainable Christmas gifts, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve tried our best to account for different budgets, habits, and needs...

The Climate Book

Sustainable christmas gift ideas - The Climate Book Greta Thunberg

This lengthy tome from Greta Thunberg comes draped in the warming stripes developed by Prof. Ed Hawkins and will look great on any bookshelf. But we’re not here to judge books by their cover! In The Climate Book, Thunberg has gathered the wisdom of over one hundred experts from a range of disciplines (geophysicists to indigenous leaders) to equip us all with the knowledge we need for climate action. Whether your intended recipient is new to the topic or considers themselves to be quite knowledgeable already, there is enough diversity of views here for them to take something new away.

As you can imagine with an author so well-known on the international stage, getting this book is easy from all of the major retailers but why not go for this signed edition from Daunt Books (while stocks last presumably)? If, however, your heart has been stolen by one of the other gifts on this list, you can instead follow along with our tweetathon of the book.

Watson & Wolfe

There was a time where finding aesthetically pleasing vegan leather products was a challenge; so often, the products were simply clunky-looking. Thankfully, as manufacturers have got more comfortable working with vegan leather products, the quality of products has vastly improved. But manufacturers need direction and designs to work towards from those with an aesthete’s eye. Thankfully for us all, Watson & Wolfe was founded by Helen Farr-Leander, the first employee at Aspinal of London so the products exude a certain cachet that surely sends them to the top of best sustainable gift lists.

Sustainable Christmas gift ideas - Watson & Wolfe gift set

There is an entire range of sustainable gifts available on the website but the Gift Set - Bifold Card Holder & Belt in Brown and The Wilton Crossbody Bag & Purse Set - Rust & Emerald options caught our eye!


Wild has developed a sustainable deodorant that is Vegan Society certified. There are a range of scents such as Sandalwood & Patchouli and Mint & Aloe Vera. While delivering these exotic scents, the company has committed to never include parabens, aluminium, or sulphates. The product is based on the concept of a reusable case combined with plastic-free compostable refills to remain waste-free. Among the many plaudits, Vogue magazine says, “Wild makes a mundane moment that little bit more satisfying”. If you hurry, you may be able to get hold of their limited edition toasted marshmallow scent! 



Sustainable living is getting easier with every passing year as there has been an explosion of eco-friendly products. As with the sustainable deodorant above, toothpaste tabs are exactly the kind of the sustainable gift that one does not know that they need! Not only are the tabs free of nasty chemical additives, they even contain 50% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin E and B12 (B12 is often missing from vegan diets). Toothpaste tubes are notorious for the time they take to break down (about 500 years in a landfill) so you’ll be pleased to know that with PÄRLA, there is none of that risk since everything is reusable, compostable, or infinitely recyclable.

Sustainable Christmas gift ideas - PARLA toothpaste tabs

The toothpaste tablets are packaged in reusable glass jars with aluminium lids (i.e. plastic free). The refill tablets are shipped in fully compostable plant-based bags and recycled cardboard (once more with feeling: plastic free!). Getting a sustainable Christmas gift like this will help you or the recipient of your gift to start the New Year on the right track to keep your resolution of leading a more sustainable life!  



Circling back to the warming stripes we mentioned with The Climate Book, we bring you the POMP's #ShowYourStripes collection featuring the famous visuals by Prof. Ed Hawkins. Each stripe represents a year, and the colour represents how hot that year was compared to the average over the period (1850-2021, from left to right). Shades of blue were cooler than average: shades of red hotter. The path we're on is clear.

You can now show your stripes on POMP's high-quality sustainable hoodies, made in long-staple organic cotton that's certified by OEKO-TEX and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) - and made in a factory powered with renewable energy. This is serious stuff but a bonus is that, as well as displaying the progressive heating of our planet and starting conversations about climate change, the stripes look pretty dapper when worn. All the more reason to show support. The hoodies will also keep you snug for the chilly winter nights!

As if there weren’t enough benefits with the #ShowYourStripes range, we also donate profits from this collection to help reforestation and rewilding projects by Mossy Earth. 

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