#ShowYourStripes sticker

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#ShowYourStripes sticker

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This paper sticker acts as an educational tool for those unaware of climate change. It's part of our #ShowYourStripes collection, which is based on a graphic developed by Professor Ed Hawkins of the University of Reading. The graphic shows the annual average temperatures for the globe from 1850-2022 using data from the UK's Met Office.

Note that the sticker does not show the early years of 1850-2022 range of data. Just under a century's worth of data is shown.

P.S: Profits from this collection fund our membership of Mossy Earth, an organisation committed to reforestation and rewilding projects to restore nature and fight climate change.

  • Paper sticker printed with water-based ink.
  • Easy-peel calendarised greaseproof paper backing and water-based rubber adhesive.
  • 60 x 60mm.
  • Permanent but work best indoors.