Sustainable Summer Outfit Ideas - 7 Looks for Success

Sustainable Summer Outfit Ideas - 7 Looks for Success

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It’s way too easy to get bored of the clothes we own. In turn, we end up going shopping again and again, looking for the newest, trendiest items and spending all the money we don’t actually have to make ourselves feel better. OK, maybe it’s not that deep. But sometimes it is and, when it is, we need to remember that it’s not unusual to feel this way. The fast fashion industry makes these feelings tricky to avoid!

As a sustainable fashion brand opposed to all this, we’re going to give you some timeless (not trendy!) outfit ideas for the summer - when it can sometimes be unbearably hot and difficult to dress in a way that makes you feel stylish and comfortable. And we’re going to feature some of our most affordable products. That means sustainable for you and the planet.

Curating your closet to be more eco-friendly starts with collecting minimalist pieces that can serve as the basis of your wardrobe. They can be paired with more unique, creative items to make you stand out but they can also be paired on their own for those no-effort days.

Note: all organic cotton items from POMP are certified by GOTS and OEKO-Tex, two of the world’s leading organic textile certifications - although the images we've used in some cases are just to represent the look and don't feature POMP's items in every case.

Let’s get into it!

1. Casual, breathable go-to look #1: vest + joggers/cotton shorts

Sustainable summer outfit ideas - look 1

This soft vest is 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, which has all the qualities to keep you cool during summer: soft, breathable, absorbent. Cotton-based clothing provides the ultimate comfort and breathability for summer. Because of its simplicity, this vest will last you years and years, and can be styled with almost any kind of pants. What we also love about vests is that they can be layered up with an open button-up shirt. Add a gold or silver chain to the look, and you’ve got a minimalist yet eye-catching outfit. 

The vest can also be paired with our organic cotton joggers (without the button up shirt) or organic cotton shorts (with or without the button up shirt).

2. Casual, breathable go-to look #2: t-shirt + cotton shorts
Sustainable summer outfit ideas - look 3

This one’s for you if vests aren’t your thing and a look you can’t go wrong with. Paired with our soft, organic cotton shorts, this t-shirt can be found in a 100% organic cotton version or a 50% virgin organic cotton and 50% recycled organic cotton version. Your choice! ;) Both provide comfort and breathability in the heat, and are a classic go-to for a casual, day-to-day summer outfit. Optionally, consider higher socks to complement your sneakers, they can be a subtle addition to look more stylish.

If you’re going for a less simple look, you could combine with a hat - perfect if it’s sunny out and you need a bit of shade. And you could also take a plaid button-up long-sleeved shirt with you, which you can tie around your waist or wear as normal for the cooler evenings.

3. Going out at night look: long sleeve t-shirt + slim-fit jeans
Sustainable summer outfit ideas - look 4

For the cooler nights, a thin, organic cotton long sleeve t-shirt will most likely be perfect. These always go well, without fail, with a nice pair of slim-fit jeans - or even shorts for a more informal finish. For a going out vibe, this minimalist outfit will keep you looking sleek, and in a sustainable way.

4. Breathable, relaxed-fit dress
Sustainable summer outfit ideas - look 5

Nothing could be more perfect for the summer heat. This organic cotton dress is airy and flowy, so if you’re someone who gets the dreaded chafing from wearing shorts, or tight skirts and dresses aren’t your cup of tea, this might be a good fit. The nice thing is it can be styled up or down - you can keep it casual with a regular pair of sneakers or some Birkenstocks, or pair it with the classic Dr. Martens, a pair of earrings, and a choker necklace. It’s also available in various different colours - to go for more elegance, there’s black, and for more summery pops of colours, there’s mustard and violet.

5. Street-style yet comfy look: joggers + cropped hoodie
Sustainable summer outfit ideas - look 6

Image from Boohoo

Joggers are still in style, and they can give you a badass, street-style look if you style them correctly. And don’t worry about them going out of style, because they’ve already been around for yonks. Even if, for any reason, you feel they’re not quite ‘trendy enough’ to wear out the house anymore, they’re still the perfect pants to be comfortable at home.

Still, we think they look great outdoors and for some cooler summer days or nights, you can pair our organic cotton joggers with our organic cotton relaxed fit hoodie, which you can (tip!) tuck underneath a reasonably tight bra, sports bra, or even bralette to turn into a stylish cropped hoodie. The benefit of this is the versatility: if you’re not feeling like showing a bit of skin, you don’t need to tuck the hoodie under your bra to make it shorter. You can just leave the hoodie at its normal length, and go for a baggier, more street-style inspired look. Pair it off with a neat pair of sneakers, sleek hair or braids, hoops, and you’re good to go.

6. Edgy look perfect for the heat: joggers + cropped top
Sustainable summer outfit ideas - look 7

Image from Levanes

Another way to pair our organic cotton joggers is with an extra cropped top to create a totally edgy look. Trust me, if you’re someone who can’t handle the heat so well, this look will help you out. This is a simple, timeless, yet flattering look. It’s also a bit rebellious which we love - because you should wear whatever you need or want to wear to look and feel good, especially in this heat! So if this is what it is for you, go for it. 

7. The ultimate comfortable, yet stylish look: biker shorts + baggy, relaxed tee

This is probably the most perfect summer outfit - mainly because it’s just so comfortable. Plus, you get away with a street-style look. Pair it with a fanny pack and some Dr. Martens or sneakers, rings, necklaces, sunglasses, and you’ll be slaying with your stylish, sustainable look. We recommend our organic cotton relaxed fit t-shirt for this one.

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